Northern Images Store

The first Co-ops in the north were formed in the 60s to produce and market traditional industries such as arts and crafts production.

Today, Arctic Co-operatives Limited purchases art from Co-operatives and takes full responsibility for the wholesale and retail marketing of this art. Members are paid a fair price for their product and each piece is tagged to guarantee authenticity.

We work exclusively with Inuit and Dene artists to promote their art and distinctive culture to collectors around the world.

Retail Art Marketing

We market Inuit and Dene art on a retail basis with our Northern Images store located in Yellowknife. The Co-ops collectively own this retail outlet which offers an excellent selection of arts, crafts and apparel. Captivating sculpture, collectible prints and a wide variety of traditional crafts are hand made in northern communities. Take a piece of the north home with you, and support the Co-op sector by shopping at Northern Images. Northern Images is one of the largest retailers of Inuit and Dene arts and crafts in Canada.