Pandemic Response Updates

A statement from our CEO regarding COVID-19

Good Morning

I wanted to reach out to you today to provide an update on the impact the COVID-19 outbreak has had to our Organization.

Arctic Co-operatives has been developing a Business Continuity Plan for the past several months which included planning for a pandemic event.

Given the aggressive spread of the virus our plan has been put into effect.

 Many of our team members are now integrated into a work from home model and we are very quickly transitioning to a very small group of team members who will continue to work from the office.

This group will work-to ensure continuity in our delivery and security activities.  I want to personally thank those individuals for their support and assistance.

Our Plan has two primary objectives:

First and foremost, the safety and well being of our staff …and secondly the ongoing uninterrupted support for our Members.

The staff and management of the Co-ops and business units we support continue to operate in meeting their member and client needs through the delivery of essential services and it is critical that we continue to assist them in any way possible.

The Culture that we have developed has equipped us to meet this current challenge. The values that we promote are now put to the test.

Let’s demonstrate the strength we have as a team in fulfilling our Member’s needs.

We understand that people are anxious and afraid of the uncertainty associated with the rapid spread of Covid-19, and as an Organization we will do everything possible to provide comfort and stability in the weeks to come.

The execution of our Business Continuity Plan has been a major undertaking for our Organization, and I am extremely proud of the way that we have supported each other throughout this process.

We remain committed to continue keeping all impacted stakeholders informed throughout the process. Please check back to this page for any updates

Once again Thank you for your continued support of our Members, our clients, and each other. 

We truly are stronger together.


Rod Wilson CEO, Arctic Co-operatives Limited

 ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ Inuktitut Message

We’ve compiled the following links to provide trusted and credible sources of information regarding the COVID-19 situation in Canada. We hope these links will help site visitors stay current on the unfolding situation. If additional news regarding the communities Arctic Co-operatives Ltd serves becomes available, we will publish that information on this page.

Please check back for updates.

Useful Links:

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Yukon Health – no updates listed on the site yet

Printable Resources for posting/sharing

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