Member Co-ops Tudjaat

Tudjaat Co-operative Limited

Box 270
Resolute Bay, NU X0A 0V0
Ph: (867) 252-3854
Fax: (867) 252-3618

Incorporated in October 18,1960, the Co-op’s presence can be seen throughout Resolute Bay. Operations include a retail store, hotel, restaurant. Co-op services also iinclude snowmobile rentals, cable television and Internet service, arts and crafts, and property rentals. The Co-op is also an authorized dealer for Yamaha and Polaris.

About Resolute Bay
Alternate Name: Qausuittuq
Local Meaning: Seagull Nesting Place

TIME ZONE: Central

About the Community

On the south coast of Cornwallis Island in the Queen Elizabeth Islands, Resolute is the stepping stone and base camp headquarters for many North Pole expeditions. Much scientific research is also conducted from this community. Humans are known to have inhabited the Resolute Bay area for the past four thousand years, and the remains of four winter villages lie close to the community of Resolute. Resolute was named after the H.M.S. Resolute, one of the ships in the ill-fated Franklin search expedition of 1845. Cornwallis Island was one of the last known places circled by Franklin before his expedition sailed southward and disappeared forever.

Resolute outfitters offer fishing, dogteam trips, ecotours, polar ice cap tours, and snowmobiling expeditions onto the frozen sea ice of the famous Northwest Passage. Travel to Beechey Island, the last resting place for some of the members of the Franklin Expedition, or take a five-day igloo camping journey over the frozen ice to Grise Fiord. An excellent location for marine wildlife watching, pods of beluga and narwhal can be seen from Resolute’s beach as they head to their summer feeding grounds. Ellesmere National Park Reserve and Polar Bear Pass National Wildlife Area are both easily accessed from Resolute.