Member Co-ops Mitiq

Mitiq Co-operative Association Limited

Box 217
Sanikiluaq, NU X0A 0W0
Ph: (867) 266-8860
Fax: (867) 266-8844

This Co-op was incorporated in June 1968. The community is located on an island at the south end of the Hudson’s Bay. Recently opening a new facility, Co-op enterprises consist of a retail store, convenience store, hotel and restaurant, cable television services, fuel distribution and Inuit carvings. This Co-op also rents property to the Hamlet office. Sanikiluaq artists are known all over the world for their distinctive jade-like carvings.

About Sanikiluaq
Alternate Name: Belcher Islands
Local Meaning: Person’s Name

TIME ZONE: Eastern

About the Community

Located in the Belcher Islands, the island of Sanikiluaq is near the southeast coast of Hudson Bay. The Ungava Inuit occupied these islands and were expert kayakers. Formerly called North Camp, Sanikiluaq’s economy relies on fishing and trapping, and is known for its soapstone carvings and reed basketry.
Overnight day trips may be arranged for hunting and fishing expeditions. An excellent location for canoeing, sea kayaking, cross-country skiing, and hiking. Year-round adventure camping — tenting in summer months, igloo camping in winter months — is a popular choice for adventurers. The Belcher Islands are home to belugas, walrus, reindeer and snowy owls, and fishing for arctic char, trout and whitefish is excellent.