Member Co-ops Kapami

Kapami Co-operative Association Limited

Box 1
Colville Lake, NT X0E 1L0
Ph: (867) 709-2900
Fax: (867) 709-2909

Kapami Co-op is located in Colville Lake; the traditional name of the community is k’AHBA Mi Tuwe (ptarmigan net). The Co-op was incorporated in 1968 and is the only retail store, which includes a post office, available to the people living there.

About the Community

Colville Lake has a population of 126, and is probably one of the most traditional communities you will find in the Northwest Territories. Located within the homeland of the North Slavey Dene, settlement did not begin until 1962 when the Roman Catholic Mission was created. The community’s economy is based on game hunting, fishing and trapping with tourism playing a secondary role. Languages spoken in the community are North Slavey and English.