Member Co-ops Pitsiulak

Pitsiulak Co-operative Association Limited

Box 43
Chesterfield Inlet, NU X0C 0B0
Ph: (867) 898-9975 / 898-9981
Fax: (867) 898-9056

In March 1971, Pitsiulak Co-op was officially incorporated. Today, they operate a retail store, hotel. They also serve their community’s need for fuel and cable television services and property rentals.

About Chesterfield Inlet
Alternate Name: Igluligaarjuk
Local Meaning: Place With a Few Igloos
TIME ZONE: Central

About the Community

On the west coast of Hudson Bay in Nunavut Territory, Chesterfield Inlet has many historic sites to discover. The community has been a permanently settled area since 1910, making it one of the oldest Inuit settlements in the Hudson Bay region. A place of interest is a Thule site nearby where ancient Inuit tent rings and animal traps are still visible.

Activities in Chesterfield Inlet include daylong sports fishing expeditions, Beluga whale watching, boating trips, wildlife watching, and hiking. Self-guided walking tours of Chesterfield Inlet encourage people to learn more about the community’s history.