Member Co-ops Naujat

Naujat Co-operative Limited

Naujaat, NU X0C 0H0
Box 70
Ph: (867) 462-9943
Fax: (867) 462-4152

Incorporated in 1968, Naujat Co-op recently opened a new retail store.  Co-op operations include hotel and restaurant and cable television services, arts and crafts, and property rentals.They are also the community’s source for heating fuel for homes.

About Repulse Bay
Alternate Name: Naujaat
Local Meaning: Seagull fledgling
TIME ZONE: Central

About the Community

Repulse Bay is located right on the Arctic Circle, at the northern shore of the Bay. Sitting on a steeply cliffed coastline, the area is rich with Thule heritage. The homeland of the Iglulik Inuit, it was first visited by Europeans in the early 18th century. Many Repulse Bay Inuit participated in the whaling industry, and the community relies on sealing, fishing, hunting and artistry as a part of everyday life. Whaling inscriptions, and historical sites are also accessible for photo opportunities.

Ecotourism trips are available in Repulse Bay, and there are a few departing the community to outlying areas such as Wager Bay, soon to be a new National Park. Outfitters offer sports fishing, hunting, and expeditions. Arctic wildlife watching trips can also be arranged, and glimpses of walrus and caribou can be expected.

Repulse Bay is also renowned for its excellent artisans, especially for its Inuit carvers who work in bone, ivory and stone.