Member Co-ops Katudgevik

Katudgevik Co-operative Association Limited

Box 201
Coral Harbour, NU X0C 0C0
Ph: (867) 925-9969
Fax: (867) 925-8308

This Co-op provides the following essential services to the community of Coral Harbour – a retail store, cable TV, restaurant and fuel distribution.

About Coral Harbour
TIME ZONE: Eastern Standard Time all year
(Coral Harbour doesn’t use Daylight Saving Time)

About the Community

In Inuktitut, Coral Harbour is called Salliq, meaning a large, flat island in front of the mainland. The English explorer Sir Thomas Button named the land Southampton Island, to honor his benefactor, the Earl of Southampton, who promoted his voyage in 1604 in search of the Northwest Passage.

Incredibly, in the icy waters near the settlement, you can find coral! It’s fossilized coral that once flourished when Northern Canada had a warmer climate. Today, of course, the local climate is not conducive to its growth.

Coral Harbour is a thriving community, where its largely young population blends the traditional with the modern. While walrus meat sits on the dock for everyone to share, for example, a front-end loader prepares a lot for construction nearby. You’ll see people busily carving soapstone, ivory, whalebone or the marvelous limestone from nearby Bear Island.