Hall Beach Co-op Association Ltd

Sanirajak, NU

Hall Beach Eskimo Co-operative Association Limited

General Delivery
Sanirajak, NU X0A 0K0
Telephone: 867-928-8123
Fax: 867-928-8124
E-mail: manager@hallbeach.Coop

Hall Beach Co-op operates a variety of businesses including a hotel, retail store, cable TV, fuel delivery, freight services and property rentals. The Co-op was incorporated in March 1973. A new retail store built in 2009.

About the Community

Located at the north eastern tip of Melville peninsula on the shore of Foxe Basin, Hall Beach has a population of 546. The Inuktitu name is: Sanirajak. Local Meaning: the shoreline or one that is along the coast. Hall Beach was chosen in 1957 as a DEW Line station site to help monitor Canadian air space in the Far North. Although the original system is no longer operational, there is now a more technologically advanced warning system site in the community. There are many things to see in Hall Beach, such as the wreckage of a World War II bomber, discover the 350-800 year old remains of a whale carcass, or explore the nearby Thule archaeological sites. Every year, on April 1st, there is a Hamlet Day Festival with a community feast, traditional games and dancing. Excellent fishing, particularly char, and marine wildlife watching can be found in the area, which is also known for good hunting. Outfitting services are available for day trips, or longer expeditions, by boat, dog teams or snowmobiles. Hall Beach is one of the few places in Canada where walrus hunting still takes place.