Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities within the Arctic Co-ops System:

Working for a Co-operative:

Working in the Co-op sector is different from the private or government sector because Co-ops are governed by the principle of ‘one member, one vote’. Local Co-ops elect a board, which hires the manager to oversee operations. The Board provides direction to the manager based on what the members want. Co-ops report back to their members annually at their Annual General Meeting. Financial statements for the Co-op are presented to members and resolutions are introduced and voted on. That is how a Co-op determines its future direction. Co-op managers are conduits between the Board and staff.

Arctic Co-operatives Limited is a service federation owned by the 32 Co-ops in the System. Service federation employees work to provide business services to the Co-ops, whether it is accounting services, recruiting or management support.

Between the Co-ops, the service federation and other subsidiary companies, we employ approximately 1,000 people in the North and over 100 people in the South.

Commitment to Provide Local Employment Opportunities:

Our Member Co-operatives play a vital role in the local economy by providing employment and training opportunities to community members. Our diverse businesses, ranging from retail stores to hotels to construction to fuel contracts, provide a variety of job opportunities in the various business sectors. The mandate of each local Co-operative is to hire all of its employees from the community. It is also the goal of the Co-operative to develop local talent and provide advancement opportunities for the future management of the Co-op. This mandate is supported through our Management Training and Development Program.

Management Recruiting Outside of the Community:

From time to time, due to the technical requirements or qualifications of the position, it may be necessary to recruit Management candidates from outside of the community. In these cases, the Board of Directors will provide approval to start the search for specific candidates. The Human Resources Division of Arctic Co-operatives Limited assists our Member Co-operatives with finding qualified Management candidates. Please refer to the most recent opportunities under Management Opportunities with Member Co-operatives.