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Freight service to Co-op stores in the North is a major factor in our business. Nunavut Sealink and Supply Incorporated (NSSI) was established in the year 2000.
NSSI is a partnership formed by Arctic Co-operatives Limited, Desgagnes Transarctik Inc, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation, Sakku Investments Corporation and Kitikmeot Corporation, to provide door-to-door transportation and supply services in Nunavut. Each of our 32 Co-ops is owned by its members – who collectively own 37.5% of Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc. Profits from this business are returned to members through Arctic Co-ops’ patronage dividends. The main services are product supply and sea freight that include warehousing, product sales, maritime packaging, containerization, sale and repair of containers, transportation of all commodities, and cargo insurance.

Local ownership and control is the best way to serve the people of Nunavut, as it ensures that the community’s needs are the major driver in decision-making. This joint venture helps maintain competitive shipping rates while also expanding and further improving local Co-op services. It will also give the

Co-ops greater control and influence over their freight needs.