Arctic Co-ops Chronological History

Early leaders gathered in Puvirnituq for a joint meeting with the Fédération des Co opératives du Nouveau-Québec (FCNQ) in 1979.

First community owned Co-operatives in the north incorporated in 1960. Canadian Arctic Producers incorporated as a limited company in 1965.

Canadian Arctic Co-operative Federation Limited (CACFL) incorporated in 1972.

Canadian Arctic Producers – restructured as a Co-operative in 1979. Canadian Arctic Producers Co-operative Limited (CAP).

Arctic Co-operatives Limited (ACL) incorporated in 1981.

CAP/CACFL/ACL Amalgamated as Arctic Co-operatives Limited (ACL) in 1982.

NWT Cooperative Business Development Fund (CBDF) incorporated in 1986.

CBDF name was changed to Arctic Co-operative Development Fund (ACDF) in 1999.