Arctic Co-operatives Directors

The Board of Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting by their Members and are entrusted with the management of the affairs of the Co-op.

The Membership of Arctic Co-operatives Limited consists of independent Co-operative organizations located in communities across the Arctic. For the purposes of democratic representation, the geographic area serviced by Arctic Co-operatives Limited is divided into seven districts and each district elects one Director. These seven individuals make up Arctic Co-operatives Limited Board of Directors. Each year, the Board of Directors elects its own President and two Vice Presidents from among the Directors.

The Arctic Co-operatives Limited Board of Directors also governs Arctic Co-operative Development Fund.



Board of Directors

Mark Needham, President – District 5, at Large Mackenzie

Pauloosie Kowmageak, 1st Vice President – District 1

David Kaosoni, 2nd Vice President – District 4

Salomon Mikki, Director – District 2

Stanley Adjuk, Director – District 3

Peter James Vittrekwa, Director – District 6

Lucassie Arragutainaq, Director – District 7, at Large Nunavut